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Pamlico County High School

It's a Wrap!

Our PCHS Agriculture Department and FAA Club have been busy this semester! Ms. Hardee has shared a wrap-up of the activities during the fall semester.
Ms. Hardee states:
"Our Animal Science class has gotten to do lots of hands-on activities and learn about handling/care for different kinds of animals. The students got to use two different simulators to learn about the birthing process for animals and the way farms care for piglets after birth to notch their ears, castrate them, and more.
The students also got to have some special visitors just before Christmas when Ms. Hardee brought her dogs to school and had a baby goat come to school for a day. The students used Ms. Hardee’s dogs to practice muzzling, restraining, and general dog-handling skills. While the baby goat was at school students learned how to bottle feed him, handle him, and we even got to take him to visit some other staff members throughout the day.
Our Ag mech class got to refinish a dining room table and chairs. They did an amazing job and the dining room set looks beautiful.
The Ag mech classes have also started working to build an outdoor pen that will be used in the future to house outdoor animals. They are still working on the outdoor pen but we can’t wait to see it when it’s done and bring new animals to the school.
Our FFA chapter has been busy and is about to get even busier! We were able to get an FFA grant to get honeybees at school. Earlier in the fall we were able to have Mr. Spruill join us for an FFA meeting to teach our members how to put the beehives together. We are still working on finishing the beehives but are excited to be getting bees this spring.
We also held an official FFA meeting for the officers to lead the club members through the opening and closing ceremonies. This was our first meeting doing the ceremonies and the officers did a great job leading the meeting.
We are excited to start the spring semester tomorrow and to start preparing for all of the competitions/ events that we have coming up this spring!"
We are so thankful for our teachers who give these opportunities and experiences to our students.