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Pamlico County High School

Rotary Students of the Month

Congratulations to Melody Armstrong and Mya Smith, our Rotary Students of the Month!
From Pamlico County Middle School, Melody Armstrong!
"Melody is a conscientious student who wishes to do well at any task she is given. She is a friend to many and helps others without being asked. When two of her classmates left early for a volleyball game, she took her own notes and her classmates’ notes in their science journals to ensure they didn’t get behind. She is polite and respectful to teachers as well as her peers. We are proud of her hard work and the kindness she shows daily."
From Pamlico County High School, Mya Smith!
"Mya is a senior and is very involved in both academics and athletics. She is a straight-A student and a stellar athlete, competing in Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Track and Field. She has been seen on numerous occasions going out of her way to clean up other people’s trash throughout our building. Mya has been integral in welcoming nervous freshmen and other students new to our school. She makes sure people who are sitting or walking alone know they don’t have to be. She is the epitome of what our Pamlico County High School Canes Family stands for and is both a model student and all-around wonderful human being."
Congratulations to both Melody and Mya!