Construction Trades: How America is Built

I am currently on my second year here at Pamlico County Highschool after serving 7 years in the construction industry. Prior to that I served in the Marine Corps for 9. Semper FI!!


In addition to teaching, I enjoys coaching football for our Hurricanes and root for the Detroit Lions on sunday. I am married to wife Macy and have 5 kiddos (Layla, Scott, Mark, Faith, Liam). I also have two dogs that I love very much (Russell and Lily).


I strongly value discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic - skills I learned during my time in the military and construction industry. I will strive to instill these values into our students by setting classroom standards that reflect real-world expectations in the construction field.


Through my experience in construction, I understand the importance and value of hands-on learning. The classes I teach will incorporate not only the necessary academic content but the relevant practical training to be succesful in our industry.


I am thrilled to be working with your student this year and I am committed to making learning challenging and acheivable. I look forward to seeing all the growth that will be made this year! If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!!


Go Canes!!


Class Schedule:
1st Period: Planning Period
2nd Period: HVAC/R 1 (Honors)
3rd Period: Carpentry 2 (Honors)
4th Period: Core Construction