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Pamlico County High School

Honors English Summer Reading Assignment

Honors English Required Summer Reading
Due: August 10, 2018

In order to be considered for Honors English, students must share via Google Docs
double entry journals for two novels with Mrs. Rachel Gorton before midnight on August
10, 2018( ).

Students should complete a double journal for one of the novels on the list provided.
The second double journal should be completed for a novel of his/her own choosing that
reflects his/her taste in genre.

Students should complete 5 double journal entries for each novel. Journal entries
should be spaced throughout the novel. For instance, if the novel has 280 pages, divide 280
by 5, and write one journal per 56 pages. The rubric evaluates the following criteria:
quotation and response, focus of response, connection to literature, vocabulary, sentence
fluency, usage, mechanics, and appearance.